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Will Your Wood Flooring Inspector Hold Up in Court?

As much as we try to avoid it, at some point most of us will end up in a legal dispute with a customer, whether a homeowner or a builder, over one of our wood floors. When it gets to that point, you can’t afford to make any mistakes in representing your company the best you can. A crucial step in that defense is hiring the right wood flooring inspector and making sure that inspector is one who will hold up in court as an expert witness. But what does that mean? How do you know which one to choose?

Do You Need an Expert?

The first question is this: Do you need a wood floor inspector at all? How do you know when you should hire one? The question about when to retain an expert may be specific to your case. The advantages of selecting an expert from the beginning to conduct inspections and undertake any testing cannot be overemphasized. It is best to have an inspection after construction and prior to placement on the market whenever possible. A certified flooring inspection report is money well-spent for the installer, because it provides a record that shields against claims of improper installation. For the seller, it helps avoid any confusion about the condition of the property before it was sold.

Who Hires Us for Our Services?

Manufacturers commission us to ensure their products did not fail and live up to their warranties.

Flooring Wholesalers hire us to ensure that their products and the product sold to their retailer are of the quality product purchased and that the installation is not the cause of a floor failure or concern.

Retailers hire us to ensure that their customers received the quality product purchased and the installation was not the cause of concerns.

Homeowners hire us to be sure they received and their investment is protected and they received what they purchased.

Installers hire us for verification that they performed the installation correctly and to protect their professionalism and credibility.

Architects hire us to ensure the project is completed successfully.

Law firms commission us as an expert witness for legal purposes, court testimony and consultation for trial.

To summarize, we are hired by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects, interior designers, attorneys, homeowners, hotels, facility managers, property management companies, and insurance adjustors.

Additionally, facility maintenance directors hireus to perform weekly inspections & give unbiased consultations to help them resolve their problems.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Professional and accurate identification of:
    • Manufacture defects
    • Installation errors
    • Environmental damage
  • Process and litigation support, including:
    • Insurance claims
    • Court-ready reports, including:
      • Site description
      • Material description
      • Complaint details
      • Observations
      • Testing
      • Conclusions
      • Cause and responsibility determination
      • Explanation of industry standards
      • Recommendations
  • Education
    • Product and installation seminars

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