Why I Am Qualified to Perform Your Residential or Commercial Flooring Inspections

In addition to my many years of experience as a Hard Surface & Carpet Specialist, I am recognized by the following organizations:

  • F.C.I.T.S. (Flooring Consultants and Inspection Training Service)
  • N.W.F.A. ( National Wood Flooring Association CP244015)
  • NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association)
  • N.I.C.F.I. (National Institute of Certified Floorcovering Inspectors)
  • F.I.T.S. Certified (Flooring Inspection Training Services Inc.)
  • C.C.I.A. (Certified Claims Inspectors Association)
  • F.I.E.G. (Floor Inspectors Educational Guild) Ceramics

 I provide both residential and commercial Independent Certified Flooring Inspections for:

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Vinyl

Concrete Pre-Installation Consultation/Concrete Moisture Testing

I am qualified to provide both residential and commercial concrete pre-install consultation as well as inspection and moisture testing of existing concrete work.

I hold the following concrete moisture testing certifications:

  • ASTM F-2170 in Situ RH
  • ASTM F-1869 Calcium Chloride
  • ASTM F-710 pH

Why Do You Need a Concrete Inspection Specialist?

It is recommended that qualified independent third party testing agencies, such as Can Flor Flooring Inspections, be used for determining moisture and alkalinity conditions of a concrete slab.

Testing by an independent third party specialist, to determine installation suitability, is a prudent and necessary safeguard for general contractors, owners, architects, flooring product providers, and installation contractors.

Such testing reduces the risk of flooring problems due to moisture-related concrete slab issues.

My Concrete Evaluation Service

I will evaluate your home and landscape grade, checking for proper drainage, and use moisture meters to test your subfloor, existing floor, and concrete.

These tests will help to determine if additional testing is required, and I provide you with the recorded test results and a written statement or evaluation. 

Assistance with Product Installation and Maintenance Guidelines

I can provide the consumer with installation, care, and maintenance guidelines so there is no confusion on how to install a specific product.

Every manufacturer has different guidelines and you must follow their recommendations to ensure that the product is installed and maintained properly. This is crucial should you need to make a warranty claim or seek remediation.